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Helen's Daimones (Dyscrasia Fiction)
S.E. Lindberg
July 2018
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reviewed: Unsheathed: An Epic Fantasy Collection is high quality Sword & Sorcery by nine contemporary authors
Unsheathed: An Epic Fantasy Collection is high quality Sword & Sorcery by nine contemporary authors. The anthology is varied ...
Unsheathed: an epic fantasy collection - Stuart Thaman, Austin Worley, Chad Vincent, Charles Gramlich, Scott Simerlein, G. Dean Manuel , Jay Erickson, Liam Hogan
May 2018
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May 2018
reviewed: Obey the Skull! Listen to its tales, then play its games!
"Behold! I have fashioned a magazine like those from fabled days of yore. It overflows with thrilling adventures. There are s...
Tales from the Magician's Skull - Howard Andrew Jones
April 2018
reviewed: Weird ESPionage from the master of mashing up horror and adventure
Brian Lumley's Necroscope is not heroic fiction, which I typically focus on. It is very entertaining and has connections to W...
Necroscope - Brian Lumley
March 2018
read and rated
reviewed: Highly recommended dystopian reading; intellectual heroic fantasy that unfolds fast furiousĀ .
Never let a lesser person hold dominion over your sense of worth. If you doubt your own logic, you become vulnerable to oppre...
The Literate Thief - Walter Rhein
January 2018
reviewed: RBE delivers another interesting anthology
Challenge! Discovery by Jason M. Waltz S.E. rating: 4 of 5 stars Rogue Blades Entertainment has a great track record for de...
Challenge! Discovery - Frederick Tor, Jason M Waltz
reviewed: More well-done HATE
Chronicles of Hate, Volume 2 by Adrian Smith S.E. rating: 4 of 5 stars This is a sequel to Chronicles of Hate, which I revi...
Chronicles of Hate Volume 2 - Adrian Smith
January 2018
reviewed: The Mistress of Mistresses deliver myriad fantasy
Death at the Blue Elephant - Review by SE Death at the Blue Elephant by Janeen WebbS.E. rating: 5 of 5 starsMy favorite unscr...
Death at the Blue Elephant - Janeen Webb
December 2017
reviewed: A step above most fantasy
I'm a big Walter Rhein fan, having read and reviewed his autobiographical Reckless Traveler (highly recommended story of his ...
The Bone Sword - Walter Rhein