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Helen's Daimones (Dyscrasia Fiction)
S.E. Lindberg
July 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Williamson delivers classic Sword & Sorcery
The Reign of Wizardry by Jack WilliamsonS.E.: 4 of 5 starsThanks to the Sword and Sorcery Group on Goodreads continuing to sp...
The Reign of Wizardry - Jack Williamson
July 2019
reviewed: Must read for Daemon Grim fans
Who “was” the Grim Reaper before becoming Satan’s strongest champion? This series chronicles the exploits of Satan’s right-ha...
Hell Gate - Andrew P Weston
June 2019
read and rated
reviewed: Epic, Fresh Demonic Fantasy
Transformation has been on my to-read list for almost two decades, and I'm glad to have finally focused on it. It is one of C...
Transformation - Carol Berg
April 2019
reviewed: Unconventionally written - solidly grim
Anna Smith Spark's The Court of Broken Knives is epic, grim, and filled with amoral characters; and its delivered with an unc...
The Court of Broken Knives - Anna Smith Spark
February 2019
reviewed: Knights of the Round Table - Searching for many unholy Grails
When comes my numbered day, I will meet it smiling. For I’ll have kept this oath.I shall use my arms to shield the weak.I sha...
For the Killing of Kings - Howard Andrew Jones
January 2019
reviewed: “Rathen” officially becomes a developed character and series
Rathen: Into Bramblewood Forest by Grant Elliot SmithS.E. rating: 4 of 5 starsWith this sequel, “Rathen” officially becomes a...
Rathen: Into Bramblewood Forest  - Grant Elliot Smith, Steven H. Stohler
December 2018
reviewed: Donald Rumsfeld, and fantasy aficionados will enjoy this 1924 classic
Lyrical Narrative: I don’t recommend this particular book for everyone, but Lord Dunsany wrote adult fantasy fiction with lyr...
The King of Elfland's Daughter - Lord Dunsany, Neil Gaiman
October 2018
reviewed: OK Fake News
Port of Shadows is Fake News: This Black Company installment from Glen Cook (chronologically #1.5, but published >#10) will b...
Port of Shadows - Glen Cook